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Horse of the Month

Would you like to enter your horse for the Equusite.com "Horse of the Month" Award? It's easy! To send your horse's picture, Click Here. We will place the photo in our Daily Pictures section, and our visitors will place votes throughout the day while your picture is displayed. The highest voted horse for each month becomes the Horse of the Month.

The winning picture is posted on the Equusite.com homepage for the following month. Pictures are judged by the horse's presence (50%) and by the quality of photography (50%).

2009 Horse of the Month Winners:
January: Abner
February: Secrets
March: SS Shock N Awe
April: Kiss My Face
May: Murphy
June: Gracie of MHWF
July: Mystic
August: Daisys
September: Cocoa and Mocha
October: George and Alan
November: Mocha

2008 Horse of the Month Winners:
January: Johnny
February: Pauline
March: Dorothy, Brighty
April: Ivory
May: Sasha
June: Splash
July: Cha Cha On Over Skip
August: Hickorys Smokin Benz
September: Mista Man
October: Brighty & Dorothy
November: Miss Whinny
December: Dallas

2007 Horse of the Month Winners:
January: Spirit of MHWF
February: Crowheart WYO Boy
March: Pretty Girls
April: Baby Huck
May: 2007 Colt
June: RJR's Snow Flower, Shatter
July: Buddy
August: Dreamer
September: Aly Be Dazzled
October: Draft Horse at Fair
November: Rex
December: Mr. Peabody

2006 Horse of the Month Winners:
January: Charizmatik REV
February: VGF Sheez Magic Fire
March: Twist Of Fate
April: Robin and Early Bird
May: My Alybi's 2005 Colt
June: Jette & Melvin
July: Fiesta
August: Dolly & Precious
September: FV Aulirabba
Octber: Flash's Dixie Comfort
November: Klassi

2005 Horse of the Month Winners:
January: Nicki and Teaser
February: Satoria (Sara)
march: Daisy and Lacey
April: Twix and Remington
May: Opal and baby Nita
June: Dream and Mama
July: CHF Cowboy Up
August: Whisper
September: Crackers
October: Short Yardage
November: TS/River's Edge Herd
December: Mickey

2004 Horse of the Month Winners:
January: Alya (w/ flag)
February: Reba and Annie
March: Fire The Deputy and Colt
April: Lil' Pep
May: Blue Ridge Lord Fairfax
June: Lacey and Reo
July: Pete
August: Satoria (Sara)
September: A Mother's Love
October: Dakota
November: Windwalker
December: Biscuit and Crackers

2003 Horse of the Month Winners:
January: Candy Man and Champion
February: Lone Star Prince
March: Martina Ballerina (pend) & Mom
April: D.J.'s Dare to Dream
May: Gate Farms Revenuer
June: SevenAcres Comanche and Cindi
July: "Higgins" from Racking North Ranch
August: Little Folks First Lady
September: Freedom, Justice, Liberty and Love
October: Aimee
November: Morning Glory
December: Iowna Donkey Farms Solaris

2002 Horse of the Month Winners:
December: Teodoro
November: Bearly A Diamond
October: Chadaladd
September: Chance & Pookey
August: Hipogrifo
July: Bella
June: Dolly & Gossamer
May: Phoebe, Cookie, Oreo, Annie
April: MP Scooter
March: Not Available
February: Momentum
January: Haflinger Foals

2001 Horse of the Month Winners:
December: Crescent Chex
November: PHS Braveheart
October: Jen's Paint Delight
September: Quinn & Buddy
August: Littlesteppers Buck Sir Price
July: Shastas Poco Star & Stocky Jenny
June: Sir RH Maximilian
May: Tamarack Je Fe
April: Elizabeth & Jerry
March: Angie
February: Not Available
January: SRM Diamond Dust

2000 Horse of the Month Winners:
December: Tamarack Je Fe
November: Xamy
October: Bailey's Irish Cream
September: Maddie, Thumper & Taffy
August: Pocket Change
July: Little Orphan "Maddie"
June: TSRE Filly
May: Pennwoods Percherons
April: Reddi
March: Everythingbutwings
February: El Munchkin
January: Flying X 6

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