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July 2005
Equine of the Month

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Horses: Whisper
Owner: Robert and Gale Seddon

Photographer: Bob Stein

Whisper, a 5-day old minidonk foal, discovered she could run while I was out taking photos, and was soon dashing about all over the place. I caught her leaping over her mama, JAMS Josie, who had just finished a good roll.

I was really pleased to get such a high rating. Feather was such a joy to watch that day - I actually saw her learn to run and jump over the space of about an hour. Like most things, the photo was the result of patience and luck.

Congratulations for being voted 9.77 out of 10 and having the most votes for the Daily Picture Contest in July! Photos were voted on by Equusite.com visitors, and are voted on both the horse and photography.

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