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December 2003
Equine of the Month

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Alyah (w/flag)
Owner:Allen Pogue
Photographer: Allen Pogue
Website: ImagineaHorse.com

Alyah (aka "Smoochie") a five year-old Arabian filly salutes 2003 with her sisters Hasana, Saber and 'cousin' Isabelle looking on. Raised since day #1 with a future in mind as an 'exhibition horse' Alyah performs great tricks just as a matter of course.."

Alyah, aka "Smoochie" was raised to be an "exhibition" horse. Alyah's education began shortly after Imprinting (at birth) with Enhanced Foal Training. In this particlular session she is performing a segment of her routine while her sisters look on. Alyah seems to view this feat as "just doing her job" but she doing something much more improtant. She is helping to educate the other youngsters as they watch her with great interest. They seem to understand also the praise Alyah receives for a job well done with her equine audience.

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