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PMU Foal Adoption Name "Ultimate Dream" - DREAM

Hello Equusite Friends,
We have just finished our 4th. day with Dream. I honestly don't think I could have found a better horse for a million dollars. I will just say that Dream already leads, comes when he is called, faces me and is sacked out to almost everything in the Tack Room. He played with his new Jolly Ball today and figured out he likes grain and carrots but he is not decided about Fig Newtons. He doesn't have any trouble with spray bottles and seems to enjoy cleaning his own stall ;)
We are still working on his feet. He did just fine when the Vet gave him his shot. Adopting Dream was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I will be writing articles about the training of Dream in hopes it will inspire many others this Summer when the new Foals are up for adoption.

This is 30 minutes after Dream was taken off the truck, living up to his name already. Equusite's Ultimate Dream and Bob
He Has a Name
Name Announcement!

What's My Name? by Bob Pruitt

   The little Colt is rarely involved with people, someone put a catch halter on with a short rope when he was smaller but now, a few months later, the halter is almost too small. He is from the "S" PMU Farm and the Farmers wife was considering keeping S-313 because there seems something special about the little horse. For a while he was on his way to Washington State and a adoption there but fate caused a delay. He was meant for us at Equusite/InfoHorse and we will see him here in California next month.

These Farmers that are in this PMU business are kind people and love the babies that are born to the Pregnant Mares. The Pregnant Mares are the producers of the hormone that makes a medicine to help women entering menopause. We all have Mothers and many women are helped by the medication produced. This is a business that is the livelihood of the Farmer and because of his co-operation many foals are saved but… foals that don't find a home will not live to adulthood. This is a hard fact that we would all like to change.

   Many foals are born every year and S-313 (Our Foal) is one. His Father is a black and white paint stallion and Mom is a Percheron cross resulting in this case in a Buckskin Colt that looks like a big Quarter Horse. He will be herded onto a trailer in February and will arrive at his home near the middle of the month. As the owner of
InfoHorse.com and Equusite.com,  I will add that I am looking forward to meeting my new friend and horse partner and plan on spending time with him everyday. We are anxious to meet this young horse and will be using him in many features on the site that will educate us all about training a young horse and more importantly inspiring others to consider adopting the horses from the PMU Farms . In this cause we are exclusively working with
PMU FANI (Foal Adoption Network Inc.). We are sure there are many good people involved in this cause but our resources are limited and find the FANI people very good to work through and we are grateful for their good work and help with our Foal..

Twinkle Horse GlitterWe thank everyone that submitted a name for us to consider, all of them are good names and we will email everyone that participated a 5$ Gift Certificate from our friends at
Twinkle Equine Glitter soon.

We have chosen the name: "Equusite's Ultimate Dream"
and will call him

Martha Moraad from North Carolina submitted
Ultimate Dream
--Because it is the "Ultimate Dream" for these foals to be rescued.

We added the name of our website to his name because
we share the same dream. Everyone who cares for horses can share in this "Ultimate Dream".

Congratulations to Martha for winning a $50. gift certificate from SmartPak Equine and Equusite.com.

The Equusite.com baby needs a name!

He is a Draft Cross Buckskin. Mare is a Percheron Cross and Stallion is a Black and White Paint.

Thank You All for the Great Names!

Storms Ransom -- Because it is a beautifull name and he deserves it.
Whitney Moore ,Arlington Texas

Suede Sahara -- Suede for short. Suede as in the color and Sahara as in desert sand ( texture appearence). Sahara meaning "desert".It sound exotic. I love it.-
Erika from Georgia.

Norman -- Like General Norman Shwartzkoff, this little guy is strong and will win many a battle for other PMU foals in the future that need adopting. Stefanie in Florida.

Frangelico and Coffee -- His coloring resembles my favorite coffee drink. He also looks like he will be sweet and strong.
Susan Valentine - proud mum of 2002 PMU Scrumpy Jack

Cudleigh -- "Pronounced Cuddley" small or grown up..he will a nice horse to cuddle and love. ~~ Connie, PA

Lil' Buck-A-Roo -- A lady I work with a buckskin named this and she calls him Bucky. I thought it was cute. Michelle Conner, Colorado

Commanding Destiny -- (The Commander) This handsome horse deserves a strong name. Animals, particularly horses, have a tendency to live up to their names.
Cherie Grell, N.C.

Kentucky Dawn --Because he looks exactly like my horse.I'm Viki Bodnar from Ohio

Cisco -- He reminds me of the buckskin horse who was in the movie Dances With Wolves. I love his color! I have always wanted a buckskin! Jade, OH

Equusite's Courageous Cougar-- "Cougar" I chose this name because he has classic cougar coloring, and cougars simply "ooze" power, speed, beauty and intelligence. They are supreme athletes and with his breeding he could very well turn into a great sporthorse! Stephanie Cooper Haines, Alaska

Poncho-- Looks Like a Horse I knew.Catherine Jones

Sandy --Because thats his color, he is light and smooth like sand blowing in the wind. Natiaha..Kentucky

Salt and Pepper -- I think it fits him Stephen, Florida

Pot of Gold -- ( Lucky ) it just fits him- Melanie,Virginia

Doublecrossed Goldenbucktone --The mare is a cross Draft and Buckskin Percheron crossed with a Black and White Paint Darlene, KY

Majestic Eagle -- Or just Eagle. I like names that symbolize our country and I think Eagle fits him perfectly! He is beautiful!! Becca, Ohio

Frank -- It's a nice easy name to remember and it kind of suits his looks.
Tara Adelaide South Australia

Justice --He seems so strong and determined and intent on doing the right thing.
Julie Gausewitz, California

Buckwheat --As soon as I saw him it came to my mind. He is beautiful but yet strong and tough. Donna Means, Kentucky

Freedom -- Freedom is so important to all of us right now and what it stands for. This little horse truly is Experiencing "Freedom" Mary Williams Creston, Ohio

Triumph of Tribulation --Because he will overcome his debated reason for being created. He will have a new life where he was meant to be loved as a horse, a spirit of wind and life! Denise Maine USA

Elypso's Chance -- Because it sounds so mysterious and mythical, but yet it guarantees a sure fire winner. Brittany Gagliostro~ Hanover, PA

Desert Moon Mirage -- He looks like a free spirit a horse that is thankful to see another day, a fantasy, I can see him "dancing" in the moonlight, like a mirage that is too good to be true. I would call him Desi for short.
Beth Cunningham, Lost Nation, Iowa

Truly Yours --aka TY because he is truly beautiful and he's all yours!
Marque...mom to Miss Saint Dakota...my PMU!

EQ's Chance for Life Fani -- Equusite and Fani saved This foal from an unknown future. Karen Miller, Georgia

SunshinesTeddy Bear -- I like this name because he looks so warm and fuzzy!
Michele Johnson, Kansas

Bandit's Moon might be a good name: Addie DiFran

America's Dusty Kid --Because it seems to bring out the personality of american horses and the wild horses. Kati Aaron Mass.

Nearly Perfect -- would be a great name for him. He's beautiful to look at, and nearly perfect! Misty Kuhl Oregon

Desert Storm -- Just popped in my head thinking of the strength of our country represented by the strength of this beautiful horse. He looks like he will overcome anything delivered to him. Also, the color of a desert and a storm is strong and powerful. Deborah Sparks, New York

Equusite's Touch of Gold -- This name fits him well because of his golden coat. I like Equusite in front...after all, this is their contest I think they deserve some credit for what they are doing for this handsome colt!! Ashley in Pennsylvania

True Emotion-- Gwen Sams of Indiana

Boogie On --He just looks like he was born to boogie!
Theresa Bunney of Dayton, Texas

Tex-- would be a fitting name since the horse is a draft cross he is sure to be big and when you hear "Tex" you think of the big state of Texas. Bonnie- Wyoming

THE ULTIMATE SUNDANCE-- Montana Allison of New York

Aztec--Because he's really exotic looking. Jennie from New Jersey

Dudley--It sounds happy, gentle, and bouncy and a PMU foal that's been adopted to a caring family is all these things. Vickie from Ohio

Kismet--Because he was meant to be, it was fate that brought him to his owners.
Tricia Naples FL

Zander Cade--After Vin Diesel's character since this fellow will be big and muscular like Vin Diesel...LOL!!!! Shannon

Barley's Golden Babe--His color reminds of a golden barley color. Lindy, Nebraska

YELLOW-SILVER He reminds me of running through a patch of yellow daffodils submitted by: Reita w. Nicholas Huntsville, Alabama

Shalimar -- This name just came to me, looking at this curley haired cutie! It seems like a very regal name for him. Dee Conner, Minnesota.

FANI Dun It Again!--Because he is being adopted through Foal Adoption Network Inc and he's a buckskin/dun colt. Mary L. CourtneyLakeside, CA

Muffin Man--Because he looks warm and sweet like muffin :) I know it sounds stupid but I like it. Cant wait to see what you name him :) Elizabeth Johnson from SC

Ben There Dun That-- "Ben" for short. Just because he looks like a foal on the move!! He's going to go many places, so in essence, he will have "Been there done that". Michele Klawitter, Augusta, GA

Apollo-- Apollo is a sun god, and the picture reminds me of the golden light of the sun. Soraya in Australia

Elypsos Chance--Because it sounds so mysterious, but guarantees a full blown winner. - Brittany, PA

Peter Pan--Because i was thinking of gold, which led me to panning for gold...but that didnt sound like a good name so Peter Pan it was! I'm from Alberta, Canada and my name is Rachel Hamilton

"Equus At First Sight" barn name "Cue" or "Cy" Because he has vision, looking at the horizon. Because he's the first but hopefully there will be more PMU foals adopted through this effort. And because from our very first look at this colt we are all falling in love with him and know that he is perfect. Beth, New Jersey

Banana Split--The name fits the way he looks. Plus, I could just eat him up.
Sarah Wright, Cave Spring Georgia

Deliverance--Because you are "delivering" him from the evils and injustice of the world...or of HIS world anyways! ;) -Lesley Popovich Dawson Creek, BC Canada

Equusites Dandy Chance--(Chance For Short),,,I have chosen this name because Equusite has given this boy another Chance Tracy, NY

Thrill Seeker--He seems like an active and fearless guy- Laura, Finland

Mr. Coaco Loco Cappucinio Twist--It just seems to fit. from Jennifer Dupree Petersburg, Alaska

Mister Majestic--Mister because he commands respect - just look at that baby picture, and majestic because I see him growing into a magnificent and noble creature. Debbie Snyder Sedalia, Missouri

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED--I think that this is a perfect name because he has that sweet and honest look aobut him! -- Brittney from NY

peaches 'n' cream--Because he is a cream color. Also because creamy sounds boring. I think the name sounds cute. Brittany Oliverio, Dearborn Heights,Michigan

I Dun B Saved--(you could call it Bee for short) Christie M. Quinton Palo Alto, CA

Samson--which means "bright as the sun". --Meg and Kait B. Ontario Canada

Sweet Pee--Because he is a sweetie and people will ask about the name. It will be a chance to discuss the PMU farms! lol! Anne from Massachusetts

Butterscotch Infusion--I like this name because it has a great pride to it, the word "infusion" always makes an interesting sound for names. Butterscotch obviously because of his colour. -Samantha Barter, Ontario Canada.

EQ'S Fourth Leaf Buck-- Eq of course for Equusite Fourth Leaf Buck.Because you have the best of luck with a four kleaf clover and buck because of his color. Gisele Gariepy New Brunswick CANADA

Milky Way--Because of the lighter color fur and dark colored fur. it just seems to suit him. HANNAH OCONNOR

Golden Hope's Lucky Chance I think this is the perfect name for this foal because:1: He is a beautiful gold buckskin. 2: He is giving hope to all other PMU foals 3: He is very lucky to have found a loving home in Equusite. 4: He has been given a great chance to show off his potential. Caleigh Hanson, Florida

Curly Kisses--Because his coat looks cute and curly and I would love to give him lots of kisses! Sarah Owens, CA

Equusites' Dun A Good Deed--Because, He belongs to Equusite and it gives credit to you......You did a good dead by rescuing him and he's a dun(buckskin) color. Hopefully he can repay you for your kindness by being an example of the love and abilities that the PMU foals are capable of! He's a pretty boy! Congratulations on your selection of foals! Cheryl in Oklahoma

Oreo-- It just seems to fit. From: Tracy Oconnor, Granby Ma.

Cymple Golden Dynamyte-- I like this name because it just seems to fit! Golden fits his color, and his movement is dynamyte! What a cutey! Jessie French, New York

Spark My Fire (aka: "Sparky")--I feel this is a good name because our farm was an overnight resting place for a group of PMU foals in Sept. and when they were here, I felt my heart was sparked with fire of compassion for these little foals. I fell in love with one, and on Christmas day she arrived delivered by the organizer as a surprise present for me. She traveled 1100 miles from CT to WI to be given to me on Christmas day. It sounds like your hearts were sparked too! Cortney Sabin (11) of Omro, WI

Equisites Golden Folio Magic-- Equisites because it belongs to equisite, Golden because he is, Folio because it's my fave made up word and Magic because all his blackness looks witchy! Lucy 10, Kent England

Equusites Golden Gift--Because this site is giving this foal the best gift ever, a home. M. Deal Brook, In.

BUCKY--Because he is the color of BUCKSKIN Sara E. Smith, Boynton beach FL.

"No Buts About It"--If you ever show him the name can go both ways. ---Angela, Ohio

Shadow Cast in Suede-- He's a BEAUTIFUL buckskin, and his coat looks just like suede. Sarah Carruth, San Jose, CA.

Rootbeer Float-- I like floats and he has that end color when you mix them together. He also has a nice floating gait. Gladys in Arizona

PMU - Playful Magnificence Unbridled--I am 'playing' on the fact that he is a PMU foal. Not to mention playful, magnificent and unbridled, LOL. Heidi, Mom to 2 Belgian PMU foals in Oklahoma

Paint Your Wagon Gold Because his sire is a paint, and he has a beautiful golden coat! Jordan Carruth, Port Charlotte, FL.

Little Dude That's what I call my two year old grandson. He's my special little dude. Elaine Thompson, Colorado

Triumph of Hope--Because he is the hope for all PMU foals and has triumphed in getting a new home. Tara Keener, Cantonment Florida

Whats up Buck?--(whats up doc?) Patti M Washington State

Lightening Bolt-- I thought of the lightening here with the bad weather. And thought of Lightening Bolt. Mary from California

Dun Lucky Jack--Because he is dun in color, and he is dun lucky to be adopted. I think he looks like "Jack," big and strong like a lumberjack. From Claire Plemmons, California

Cinnamon-- I chose that name beacuse of the color! Angie Birmingham, Washington

EQ'S Smooth Equation--The reason I like the name is he looks like hes got a very smooth gait to him and he looks like hes a great combination of breeds.
Evelyn, Edmonton Alberta

Smokey Topaz Because it describes his coloring, and he seems like a gem of a horse. Nicole Essner, San Jose, CA.

Gideon-- is the name I like for a male horse..it means strong victorious warrior.
Laura Brook, FL.

Paz - because it means "peace" in spanish. ~Christi, Texas

HEZA DESERT DUN--" Dez " for short, because his coloring is just like the desert sand,, with the black points resembling the black lava rocks that scatter the great deserts of the west. both having withstood the test of time, just like this foal will now have that chance. Sam Berri, Murphys California

OUTSIDER--Because he seem to like the outside. Jane Ishpeming Michigan

Finalmente Buscador--Because it means "Finally Home" in Spanish, I thought that was appropriate for his situation. Beth A. Scales, Massachusetts

Chance of Paint--Because the Stallion was a paint and this horse is getting a second chance. Lisa Higgins, New Jersey

Cherokee Buck--Because I lke Indian names and he is buckshin and they go together well. Mary McCalister, California

Gold-dun Star--If you're really good, you get a golden star.
Michael McSwiney Hillsboro, OR

Buckskin Joe-- It is a very cute name for a very cute horse!
Kayce Stevens Colorado Springs CO

Dreams Realized--Your dreams about making a difference and adopting a foal are realized. His dreams are probably of a good home and owners to love him, and that dream is realized as well. Amanda Bruninga TX

Lucky "Smokie Joe"--He looks like a Lucky "Smokie Joe" to me.
P Carder, Greenville, MS

Lone Ranger--Because in his baby photo he looks like no one is paying attention to him.
Grace Barsanti IL.

Far North--Thats where he comes from Andi in NC

End of the Rainbow--He is the color of the Pot of Gold you would find :)
Barb Hoch Indianapolis, IN

Sampson's Glory--Strong breed and hold himself so well.
Nancy Carruth Port Charlotte Fl.

Lucky Buck Runner--He is one lucky buckskin foal. Michelle Nelbach New York.

Bucket of Gold "Buck"--The Irish in me peeks out every now and then...
Julie A. Bednarik

DUN IT AGAIN SAM--Derived from Play it Again Sam. Thera Myers Oxnard Ca.

WHISKEY RIVERBOY--Thought it would be a neat name for a buckskin Laurie Wolle

Blizzard--He looks like a blizzard when he runs. Tori Winslow, Ventura,CA.

Lucky Buck--He's one lucky buckskin! - Lori Leith, El Dorado, CA

Calix--Meaning: It's the greek meaning of Handsome and he is going to be one big handsome boy! Melissa S.

Chocolate Swirl--Reason: He has all the colors of a chocolate swirl ice cream and is just as sweet looking. I am glad he was given another chance. Sheila Nelson, Tx.

Multi Chance--Because he has been given a second chance to fulfill his life and someone elses, instead of slaughter, and for his multi coloring.
Heidi Burckart Central California

Ultimate Dream--Because it is the "Ultimate Dream" for these foals to be rescued. Martha Moraad, NC

Vanilla Sky--Because of his coloring and it fits him well, from Taunya in Negaunee, Michigan.

Shiloh--To me pronounced SHY LOW. Pamela Browers HUGS for HORSES of Muskegon County Michigan

Buck Dun It--Because, It reminds my of a horse that I have that looks exactly like him- Taren Martinez Alturas,California

Ambassadors Dream--He is going to be the one to get the word out to the public to save the future foals and mares. Deborah Ivins, Sr.

BARBADUS--Because he is going to be a large fella, and with this name, all the other horses will know he's tough! Michelle Eccles, Pennsylavania

Renegade Faith--Symbolizes his stature as well as your leap of faith in joining forces with our organization! He looks like a Renny to me! Thanks so much for adopting this beautiful boy! Kristine Piiparinen V.P. PMU FANI

Lucky Charm--Because he is very lucky to have been adopted. Allyson Hoch Greenwood, Indiana

Highway Bound--Highway for short--- I think this is great considering he will be doing a lot of traveling to get to his new home.Virginia Dotson…Tucson, Az

I'm Doing it Big--He's a big guy and needs a strong and optimistic name. Barb Erickson Garretson SD

Angel's Rescue--Because you are his angel that rescued him, Not all pmu babys make it to good homes. Gayle Scarfone Oklahoma

Golden Wonders-- Reason: I think this PMU foal should be called Golden Wonders because he has the GOLDEN color and he will always make you wonder what he will do next or how he did it! Ashley Venturo-Raynham, Massachusetts

Dakota Son Shine--Seems like an appropriate name, he is coming from North Dakota, he is a son, and he will SHINE. Jonnie Denny-California

Parfait --That's "perfect" in french (don't tell Shawn. She thinks she has the perfect PMU foal!) Also a three layered dessert and this sweet foal has three colors.
Karen Stallman adopter of Mayday A-8 in Illinois.

Key To My Heart--I think it would be good because when I saw him he stole my heart. He also needs a good strong name. For short he could be called Sweetie
Laura Staffeld

Our promise-- is our slogan....Those R your words. Therefore, name the foal "Promise"or "Our Promise", which ever suits U best. I like Our Promise better and just call it Promise for short. Richard, Essex, Ontario, Canada

Justins Gold Rush--Because he was adopted "just in time," and he looks like he is in rush to get to his new home. Joann Penn Indiana

The Buck Stops Here--Because he started out a palamino and is now a buckskin and call him Buck for short.Vicki Favreau Vermont

dun that-- just because its cute! Sue Hagolin Irving,TX

Dun's Chance--You folks are going to give him a good chance at having a happy healthy life surrounded by folks who care. Heather Corkum, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Gunner--He just looks like a Gunner to me. :) Congrats, he is a cutie! Ya gotta love those PMUs, especially mine. LOL!! Hugs to baby!!! Michele Whitt-Whitt Farms, Hickory Tavern, SC

Dunner Ecstasy--Looking at the colts coloring and breeding the name defines his coloring "Dun" and Ecstasy" (14th century word via old French -Percheron Horse is a French breed) also defines the delight and joy of the Colt. Laura Blome - Magnolia, NJ

Cimarron's Spirit--The horse in the children's movie was a gorgeous buckskin, and he earned his name, 'Spirit', because of his indomitable spirit and zest for life. If this guy has a similar unquenchable inner fire, then I think it would be a fitting name for him as well. Suzy Reitan, Minnesota

I Dun Good-- Looks like this guy will have a great home, so he dun good!
Shawn Palumbo adopter of PMU M4-Vinnie this year, aka the perfect foal.

Rawhide-- He resembles a horse I used to show, and he was the best. PMU foals are great. I adopted one and he is physically correct, and will be a big boy, being a draft horse cross. Pam Janesville, CA

Oberon--It"s roots are German, meaning "lion hearted"--A strong name for a strong horse. (It also sounds distinctive when hollered across the pasture.) Diane Mondeik- WI

Lucky-- He had the good luck to find a home. So many worse things could have happened to him! Jen Smith

KEEPER---he is the keeper of the hope for a better life for he and all his friends! Peggy Monie Woodstock, GA

Dun In Gold-- He is such a gorgeous buckskin color the name just seems fitting. I bet he will become a "Golden" addition to his new family.Lacey Carnell Marble Falls, Texas

CAPPUCHINO-- because he is the colour of the cappuchino and like the coffee, he looks to be good natured and more than likely has a sweet personality. Margaret Love Canada

Paint Me Happy-- He will be so happy to have a good home. Carolyn Cross

Gabriel's Plight-- Gabriel ----Arch Angle of strength---and protection - Plight---"solemnly given pledge May the representation of strength lend us to give our solemn pledge to save and protect the ones who can't for themselves. Carole Landreville

Hynz 57-- Gosh with a back ground like that how about....Hynz 57! Pam Pollard

November Sky-- November is the month for being Thankful and Sky represents limitless possibilities. Lillace Larkin Florida

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