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Daily Stall Check
WRITTEN BY: Cheryl Sutor   [1998]

Things To Look For:
  • Uneaten food.
  • Long, trench-like marks in the bedding.
  • Bedding piled up against a wall.
  • Less manure than normal.
  • Watery manure piles or manure stains on the wall.
  • Hard, dry fecal balls (possibly sticky yellow mucous).
  • All of the above are signs of problems such as diarrhea, constipation, dehydration, colic, restlessness, pain or injury, or other serious illnesses.

    If You Observe Any Of The Above:
  • Check your horse's Vital Signs.
  • Monitor your horse's attitude and consistency/amount of manure. If either of these is abnormal, call your veterinarian.
  • Offer fresh water and monitor your horse's water intake.
  • Offer a small amount of grain. If he doesn't eat, call your veterinarian.
  • Examine your horse for any injuries or pain.
  • Call your veterinarian if you suspect that your horse may be ill.

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