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Easy Deworming
WRITTEN BY: Cheryl Sutor   [1997]

If your horse dislikes deworming (most do!), then try this simple method for getting your horse to easily accept deworming...maybe even like it! Once this lesson is taught to your horse, deworming will become very easy and stress-free for both of you.

Two Weeks Before Scheduled Deworming:

1. Thoroughly wash and dry an empty syringe.
2. During at least one feeding time daily, fill the syringe with applesauce.
3. Dose the horse immediately before you give him his grain.

* Do this until he accepts the procedure without any objections.

On Deworming Day:

1. Dip the tip of the actual dewormer in applesauce and administer the medication to your horse.
2. Follow up with 4 days of applesauce dosing.

* Next time you have to deworm your horse, use the applesauce for just 3 days before deworming and 3 days afterward.

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