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Andalusian Pictures

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"Destino" - Owner: Peter Brighton
Standing at Stud, Mira Mar Andalusians.

Centelleadora & Foal
"Centelleadora" - Photo: Pat Fausser
Owned by Tamarack Stables Rivers Edge

Twins (1/2 Andalusian), Sired by Destino
Owner: Josie Naylor, Mira Mar Andalusians

Magno T
"Magno T" - Owner: Scott & Laurie Burgess
Standing at Andalusians Northwest

"Bravio" - Owner: Suzan & Scott Sommer
Bravio is Standing at stud.

"Hortelano" - Owner: Peter Brighton
Hortelano is the 1999 National Supreme Champion. Mira Mar Andalusians

Don Marco
"Don Marco" - Standing at stud
Miraval Andalusians
Photography by: Suzanne Sturgill.

Don Marco
"Don Marco" - Owner: Miraval Andalusians
Don Marco is Standing at stud.
Photography by: Bonnie Tanner.

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