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WRITTEN BY: Cheryl Sutor   [January 2000]

There are a couple different types of "white" horses. Dominant Whites are very rare and must have a white parent. They have pink skin, usually hazel or brown eyes and white hair. There are also Sabino Whites which can pop up in any breed that has the Sabino gene, this includes Arabs, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Paints, Tennessee Walkers, Saddlebreds, and more. A Sabino White is what we call a maximal pinto, just imagine that the white markings on the horse are so big they cover the entire horse. Sabino Whites also have white hair, sometimes with a few dark hairs on the poll or ears, pink skin and dark eyes.

There are also other horses that are mistaken for white, some are greys that have turned white, but they will have dark skin and eyes and are not true white horses. The others are cremellos and perlinos, to learn more about them go to the Cremello and Perlino page.

Pictured in both photos above is "Hunter's Misty Morn". Both Photos: © Pamela Hunter
This filly is a Sabino White. Visit Hunter's Pony Farm to learn more about her.

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