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Unique Markings
WRITTEN BY: Cheryl Sutor   [January 2000]

This is our picture page of horses with unique, strange or funny markings. If your horse has markings that are unique, strange or funny, send the picture to us and we will put it on this page for everyone to see! Enjoy!

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Above: ©Cheryl McNamee
I 'spotted' this gelding at a small farm in Illinois. I thought the heart-shaped spot on his rump was so cute! Later I found that his name is 'Cupid'. How adorable!

Left: ©Cheryl McNamee   Right: ©Julie Lord  
Here are some unique striped socks. The horse on the left is a solid gray, with strange brown socks, the horse on the right is a chestnut with a white sock.

Left & Right: ©Cheryl McNamee
The horse on the left is a solid bay with a brown spot on his front pastern. The horse on the right is the horse on the left's dam, and she has a question mark stripe/snip.

Above: ©Cheryl McNamee
I can't say I've ever seen another dappled gray horse with a blue eye! This horse's right eye is a light crystal blue. His left eye is a typical dark brown.

I am not sure if he was born with a blue eye or if it was caused by an injury of some sort, but it certainly is possible.

Above: ©Second Chance Ranch
Munchkin has unique dots on his blaze, and also a blue eye (not shown).

Above: ©Julie Lord  
Here's a solid bay with the flaxen color in his tail.

Above: ©Sue  
A Quarter Horse filly with a funny white mark on her leg. Not enough paint to go APHA.

Above: ©Teri Peters  
Sonnet, a TB/QH cross mare has a star that is shaped like a horse's head.

Above: ©Teri Peters  
The horse on the left is a Belgian filly whose name is "Candle In The Wind" for the obvious candle-shaped blaze. The horse to the right has a star that looks like a cent sign and a uniquely colored muzzle.

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