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Cremello & Perlino
WRITTEN BY: Wendy Bockman

Cremellos and Perlinos are often called Whites or Albinos which is incorrect. There are no albino horses, there are however White horses, to learn more about them see the page on White Horses.

Cremellos and Perlinos are "double diluted" which means they have two copies of the creme gene instead of one like a Palomino or Buckskin. In other words a Palomino is a "chestnut" with one creme gene and a Cremello is a "chestnut" with two creme genes. A Buckskin is a "bay" with one creme gene and a Perlino is a "bay" with two creme genes.

Cremellos and Perlinos have pink skin and blue eyes. Their hair coats are not white but are of a light creme color. Some can be so light they appear to be white but if you compare them to a true white horse you will see that they are actually creme.

Cremellos will have white manes and tails while Perlinos will have darker points, as a Buckskin would, but on a Perlino the points are orangish. To learn more about them you can visit the website of the Cremello & Perlino Educational Association, www.doubledilute.com


Above Left (Cremello):
True Blue McCue, owned by Wendy Bockman


Above Right (Perlino):
RFF Starbuck, owned by Milynda Milam

Cremello and Perlino Educational Association

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