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Appaloosa Coat Patterns
WRITTEN BY: Cheryl Sutor   [January 2000]

The Appaloosa coat pattern is not really a specific color, it is actually a horse breed! Some rare appaloosas don't have any spots at all, while most have numerous spots all over their bodies. Below are the basic coat patterns found in the appaloosa breed.

Leopard: Large spots all over (dark spots on a light base coat).


Top Left: Mr. Peabody © Cheryl Sutor     Top Right: Exclusive Dundee © Ashleigh Marr
Bottom Left: Unknown © Cheryl Sutor     Bottom Right: Waps Reflection © Cheryl Sutor

Snowflake: Large spots all over (light spots on a dark base coat).

Left: Unknown © Cheryl Sutor     Right: Tabu © Ashleigh Marr

Blanket: White on hips and loins with or without spots.

Horse: Almighty Abe © Ashleigh Marr     Right: Plaudits Grand Niner © Gayle Scarfone

Marble: Small dark sprinkles on a light base coat.

Left: Cinnamon © Cheryl Sutor

Frost: Small light sprinkles on a dark base coat.

Horse: Unknown © Rob Kollau

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