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Colors & Markings
WRITTEN BY: Cheryl Sutor   [January 2000]

Since this is a beginner/basics article, we will keep the discussion about color genetics to a minimum in these articles. This section is written for the beginner rider who is learning to associate horse color names with the visual color of a horse's coat.

Coat Colors:











Colored Breeds:
 Appaloosa Coat Patterns

 Paint/Pinto Coat Patterns

 Facial Markings

 Leg Markings

 Unique Markings/Colors

* Colors are not always accurate on the internet, or from computer-to-computer, since we may all have our color settings on our own computers set differently than the pictures in this article were designed for. We have designed the pictures in this article to display as accurate as possible for the most common computer settings. If there is any question on the colors in the pictures, just remember that the best way to accurately identify a horse's color, is to see it in person!

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